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We carry out all types of asbestos surveys.

Our experienced P402 accredited surveyors will carry out your survey  and our dedicated survey admin team will provide a swift turnaround of the survey report.  

Asbestos Management Surveys

Previously known as a Type 2 asbestos survey. An asbestos management survey is a legal requirement for duty holders responsible for any non-domestic premises. This type of survey is a surface sampling survey, to identify all of the materials that potentially could be disturbed during normal occupancy of the building.

An asbestos management survey will identify the location and condition of asbestos containing materials. If asbestos containing materials are identified during an asbestos management survey, our experienced management team will assist in planning any required removal or remediation works in full compliance with current legislation.  

Duty Holder Responsibilities

Duty Holders are required to manage asbestos risks in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) 2012. Managing your asbestos risks is paramount to protecting the building occupants and other users from any potential asbestos risk.

We can assist in managing your asbestos risk by providing an asbestos management plan once an asbestos management survey has been completed. This will detail the Duty Holder, Asbestos Register, Action plan, Communication Protocols, Contingency Plan and Emergency Arrangements.

Asbestos Reinspection Survey

In order for an Asbestos Reinspection Survey to be conducted, an existing asbestos survey or register must be in place. Our surveyor will inspect all asbestos items, record their condition and provide recommendations for management and remedial action.  

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Previously known as a Type 3 Survey. If your proposed project includes major alterations, refurbishment or demolition works, you will require an Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Survey as an Asbestos Management Survey will not identify all of the potential asbestos risks. Unlike an Asbestos Management Survey, the Refurbishment & Demolition Survey is fully intrusive and requires access to all areas of the building/site.

Asbestos Bulk Sampling

If you do not require a full survey and simply want to check if a particular material contains asbestos, we can visit site and take a sample of the material for analysis. Turnaround for sample results is usually 24 hours.  

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